6 Fat Loss Habits That Should Be Common Sense but Aren’t

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A lot of people tend to focus on what is the best diet and the best exercise routine to do to lose body fat.  With so many options out there and so many ways that are working, its hard to figure out which route to take to reach your fat loss goals.

Look at it this way, just like there are millions of ways to make a million dollars, there a million ways to reach your fat loss goals.

There is no magic workout routine or diet that works better than the next one. The secret to success is choosing one option and sticking to it.  The problem is that sticking to a routine takes will power, which has a tendency to run out over the course of time.

So, The best way to double down on your fat loss success is by creating habits that you can repeat every day without having to tap into your valuable will power and that allow you to stay consistent day in and day out with your routine.

These are 6 habits you should start incorporating to your daily routine based on research and a little common sense in order to maximize your chances for fat loss success.

1. Combine diet and exercise

First, It is important to understand that there is no magic diet and exercise better than the other.  There is something that has a 100% success rate, and that is when you stick to one plan and follow it through.  Taking advice from too many people in anything causes overanalyzing and a stall or plateau.

With that being said, the first habit you should adopt is combining a diet that works for you with a workout routine that you enjoy.  In a research study done where subjects who both adapted a daily routine of diet and exercise alone and together showed that a combination of the two produced lower levels of body fat and higher levels of lean muscle gain. [1]

Exercise and eating well has effects beyond just improving your body composition including reduced stress, improving sleep and concentration, and boosting your mood.

2. Track your calories

Personally, I have never been a fan of weighing my food on a scale.  I tried it for some time a while ago but it wasn’t sustainable for me to diligently track every gram of everything I ate.  I recommend you don’t do the same unless of course you are training to be a world champion physique model.

However, what I learned from that experience is that it doesn’t take much effort to track what you are eating on a daily basis.  While you don’t need exact numbers, keeping a food journal, or using an app to log what you eat every day can give you some valuable insight into aspects that you should change or incorporate.

An honest food journal will give you some concrete data you need to overcome bad habits.  In a research study done by Kaiser Permanente Center for health research, keeping a food journal has been shown to double weight loss results in subjects who track their daily intake.[2]

3. Eat protein with every meal

Eating a source of protein at every meal is one of the best of these habits you can adopt for a better body composition.  Protein reduces hunger so you can eat less and still feel fuller, and the simple act of digesting protein itself burns calories.

As a general rule, try to incorporate at least 10 grams of protein at the minimum. This can come from sources such as.

  • Lean beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Eggs

4. Cook at home

Cooking at home keeps you in control.  You don’t have to worry about peer pressure from your friends to eat fattening appetizers, and you have complete say of what goes in your food.

Aside from the nutritional benefits, this will save you money that you can invest in things like workout programs or a personal coach that can help you stay on the right track.

5. Skip the cardio

Cardio is a catabolic activity and unfortunately, the most common way that people use to start losing fat.

Cardio has other effects including raising your testosterone levels, higher estrogen levels, muscle catabolism, and strength loss.

If you want to Increase your metabolism in a way that supports fat loss in less time, I recommend starting an HIIT routine.  You can find an example in the video below.


6. Take Extreme ownership

This concept comes from a book I read, called Extreme Ownership written by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.  The concept is simple, if you make decisions every day based on the thought that you are the sole reason for where you are today, you are automatically make better decisions that push you towards the outcome you are looking for.

Extreme ownership can be applied to any aspect of your life.  When you focus on the outcome of your decisions directly effecting you, and you carry this attitude over to your relationship, your job, and your daily habits, you’re life is going to improve. I guarantee it.

Whenever you are adopting new habits in your daily routine, always make sure you take it one day at a time and more importantly, one habit at a time.  That way, they have time to sink in and become a ritual for you.  Just one healthy new habit like eating in and tracking your food can influence other habits that will make your fat loss effortless.

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[1] Foster-Schubert, KE, CM Alfano, CR Duggan, L. Xiao, KL Campbell, A. Kong, C. Bain, CY Wang, G. Blackburn, and A. McTiernan. Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.). August 2012. Accessed April 23, 2018. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3406229/.

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We respect your privacy. Your email address will never be shared or sold. Adding your email address above will also give you free access to the Live Anabolic daily newsletter for today’s most cutting edge men’s health and fitness advice available.

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